Go Bigger | Bush’s Beans

Omaha Productions produced Bush’s Baked Beans latest campaign starring Peyton Manning, Jay Bush, and everyone’s favorite mischievous golden retriever: Duke. In this series of commercials, Peyton introduces the world to the goodness of beans alongside his new sidekicks.


Roll that beautiful bean footage. It’s not just a catchphrase. It’s a responsibility. Not just anyone can wield the footage of the bean. It requires grit, determination, heart, and also a talking dog. Does Peyton Manning have what it takes to take the bean footage to new, magnificent heights, and show the world all the mind-blowing things the humble bean can do?


Big Game Ad

In this big game ad, Peyton Manning joins Duke and Jay Bush to open the world’s mind to the possibilities of beans. Everyone knows beans are delicious. But did you know they’ve got fiber, and plant-based protein, and that it only took a single one to alter the course of Peyton Manning’s entire existence? See, there’s so much more to beans than you think! And when you add more beans to your life, you just might change…everything.


Plate Plays

Burgers, Baked Beans and Peyton Manning. A match made in summer heaven. No matter your cookout plate strategy, the play always calls for Bush’s Baked Beans.


Words for Zero

Behold that beautiful bean deliciousness. Introducing Bush’s Zero Sugar Added Baked Beans. Bush’s secret family recipe. Zero added sugar. That’s right. Zero.